I am a seasoned, professional artist/ illustrator located in Greenville, South Carolina specializing in realism, surrealism, cartooning and fantasy. While in high school, I spent 3 years at the Greenville Fine Art Center, a school for developing the talents of promising young artists. I have taken various classes at the Greenville County Art Museum and earned a certificate in visual arts at Greenville County Technical College. My best education, however, has been self taught through experience.

I have experience in graphic art with both T-Shirt and sign companies as well as many other businesses, illustration for gaming books, board games and local magazines, commissioned portraits, murals, caricatures, sequential comic books and comic strips, sculpture, doll making, and much more!

My mediums include  pencil, pen and ink, charcoal,  acrylic, colored pencils, colored markers, pastels, watercolor, sculpy and other various materials for 3D work and many computer programs for graphic art. I've also taken a hand at sewing, making various costumes for Sci-Fi conventions as well as outfits for custom dolls and creating detailed stuffed animals.

If you are interested in contacting me for commissioned work.  please fill out the information and state the details in a letter in the contact section of this site.

Thank you.

C.E. Schultz

C.E. Schultz